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Why an e-shop?

I believe my journey to open this e-shop started some years ago… Yes, six years ago, to be accurate. But at that time I wasn't exactly thinking about opening an e-shop, I wanted to have a baby.

So, I started reading. Mainly about what to eat. I wanted my baby to swim in ‘clean’ water, drink ‘clean’ milk and later on eat natural food. I became very passionate about it and from a person who grew up on a typically heavy Czech cuisine (meat, meat and meat again) I became a person who eats healthily and always thinks about how good (or how bad) what she eats is.

But after you start focusing on what you are feeding your body with, you also start paying attention to what you are feeding your skin with. And if you start enquiring, you find out that you are feeding it daily with chemical cocktails (soaps, creams…) that surely have some consequences on our health… Unfortunately, nobody knows what those consequences might be. So, better to start focusing on how you feed your skin too. Our skin is the biggest organ in our body and everything we put on it, also penetrates it. Furthermore, we have to consider that if we start using non-chemical products, we stop flushing all those chemicals underground, and it will not contaminate the plants & animals we eat.

Fair trade clothing: is it possible?

Now, you are probably asking yourselves: why are we talking about this if we are in an e-shop selling clothes? Well, because in my case, after phase No.1. and No.2., came phase No.3, when I asked myself: and what about what I wear daily? I started looking for a product that saves Mother Nature, a product which is made by people who are paid fairly for it, but also something feminine, elegant, modern beautiful and natural. And I found.... nothing.

Ok, maybe I found something out there, but you would have to either be a hippie or ‘total natural’ to wear it, and I am none of this! I am a normal woman who likes to dress elegantly, who cares about where her clothes come from and how they are made. And I firmly believe that I am not alone in this. I can’t be the only one who cares about how my clothes are made and whether the person who makes them is properly rewarded for his/her efforts. And is that person learning something new, while creating with her hands? If all that happens, that person is happy and puts positive energy into what she does, eventually improving his/her possibility for a better chance in life. In most cases, when we talk about clothing manufacture, that person is usually a woman from a poor area of the world and if she has a better life, her children will have a better life too.

When you look for something, you find it

Then I met two ladies Rachel and Liz. Rachel works in Cambodia and Liz in countries such as Honduras, Guatemala, Bolivia, Ghana, India and others. Do you know what these ladies do? They collect unused materials of big fashion companies. Do you know that in conventional clothing factories around 40% of the raw material is thrown away? I mean various cuttings, unsuitable fabrics etc. And that is exactly where Rachel and Liz come into the scene. With their teams they collect and put different fabrics together and they sew... . And they sew great, unique clothes from recycled (in most cases never used) pieces of fabric. They give jobs to women in poor countries, they pay them well, they give them the chance to have a decent life. They create clothes which MAKE SENSE.

What will you bring home?

All clothes which you buy here are hand-made with passion. They are all made from 'recycled' materials which would otherwise get dumped somewhere. Fabrics are dyed without chemicals. Most of the time only natural materials (100%) such as wool and cotton are used.

Why shopping at ‘Clothes With A Story’?

Maybe we can call it ECO fashion, Fair trade… if you want to give it a name. For me they are simply ‘Clothes With A Story’ (‘Oblečení s příběhem‘). From my point of view, the most important thing for me is that simply by offering the right clothes I can help:- you to look glamourous tomorrow; our planet Earth to get a bit cleaner, a lady in a faraway country to feel satisfied in her job; giant companies to find inspiration, demonstrating that creating ethical circles while doing business is possible!


Nowadays, more and more people care about the origins of the food they use to feed their family with. Or about the living conditions of the animal that provided them with the meat for last Sunday's lunch... So I think it is time for people to start caring about where their clothes come from. Personally, it gives me a great feeling. The feeling that I am doing something right and it gives me the freedom to make a right decision. Not to mention that all our clothes are incredibly feminine, original, different, good quality, natural… And you feel great in them!


After all, everything in life has its own story… Even clothes and nobody wants to stay nameless-:))


Most pictures used here belong to Rachel and Liz and I am using them here with their kind permission. The ladies in the pictures are not models but women who are working for them: tailors, fashion designers etc. By clicking on the pictures, you have the opportunity to ‘meet’ the ones who made your clothes... Sometimes I also model the clothes. I wear these clothes of course and I'll be very happy if you send me your pictures to share.


To conclude

At the end I would like to say that I'll be extremely happy if this e-shop becomes the place where women with the same views will meet. Where we will exchange our opinions (or recipes for healthy, delicious food or healthy, delicious face masks -:)) and we will prove that even a few women out of billions can contribute to make changes.


Wherever you are from, do not hesitate to contact me and I will let you know how much the postage to ship to your country is. I speak English, Italian and Czech, so I am sure we will find our way to communicate.